It’s About Time…

As a marketing communications major (with a focus in advertising to get specific) I felt it was about time I made a blog to chronicle my thoughts and feelings on the world. Ok to be honest this blog is going to focus in on two things… marketing and sports.

Now I know they tell you in any self promotion workshop or at any career services center to keep your personal interests separate from your professional ones, however my life is crazy enough as it is to worry about more than one blog so I figure I can be that sole exception to the rule. I figure everyone out there is smart enough to decide what they want to read, if you want to read about sports you can only read my sports posts and if you want to read about marketing and advertising than guess what? Do it! O and for those occasions when the two may intersect (imagine that sports and marketing are related? hmm) I’ll make sure to make the post so interesting that it’ll make up for it.

Another point I’d like to make on this initial post is that I am coming to the end of my 4 year academic journey at Emerson College. In only 3 weeks I will be officially done and moving on to the next step in my life (what that is I do not yet know) If you’d like to offer me a job after reading this feel free to contact me via email, phone, or whatever way I can then say “yes!” the fastest. Therefore, if my posts are a bit spread out initially it’s only because my time is limited and I’m trying to get through the craziness that is bound to ensue.

My last point relates to the sports theme of this blog, I am a huge sports fan. I love pretty much all sports and while I am an advertising enthusiast I have a sports obsession. To further my point Sports Center needs to be on for me to fall asleep at night (scary I know). I am originally from Upstate New York (Williamsville a suburb of Buffalo) so my allegiances lie true to that region for the most part. Being transplanted in Boston the last 4 years has only made me fight harder for my teams and has brought me to the realization that for a sports fan no matter where you live your teams your team.

My favorite teams are:

NHL: Buffalo Sabres

NFL: Buffalo Bills

MLB: New York Yankees

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers

Now I know you’re thinking where in god’s name did the Lakers come from??? To tell you the truth it has to do with fascination with sports at a young age. Long story short Kobe has been my favorite NBA player since I was little and I would stay up through all hours of the night to watch those late West-coast games as kid, so the allegiance has just carried through all these years. Yes the Yankees and Lakers are two of the most winning teams in sports history, but I feel I counteract that quite nicely by being a loyal Bills and Sabres fan.

That’s enough out of me for post #1. I hope this introduction to the blog has sparked your interest enough to come back for post #2. If you made it this far please pat yourself on the back. In all seriousness I hope to bring my opinion on the two topics to those of you who care enough to read them. I am hoping once I graduate to work in an advertising agency (either on the account services side or in social media) so this blog is meant to further that dream as well.

I’ll leave you with two quotes, one related to sports and one to marketing (fancy that it goes hand in hand with the theme of the blog!)

“Fans don’t boo nobodies.”- Reggie Jackson

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”- Mark Twain


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