Life after Pomp & Circumstance

As I mentioned in previous posts this past month of my life was bound to be crazy (and I was spot on!) Wrapping up my final college classes, followed by finals and final presentations in the midst of job hunting and graduation was to say the least “time-consuming”. That being said going MIA without a word for over 3 weeks was inexcusable since I’m sure all of you were dying to know exactly what was going on in my life 😉 Regardless of if you care or not this post will be a short update on the life of the aforementioned Bradley Harrison Gelber (if you don’t like me you can stop reading here, even if you do like me but would rather not read a post on my life then click the exit button…now)

Ok, so you are still with me…here we go!

1) After a long, hard and often stressful semester in my capstone marketing course my agency won the pitch, as the client (Blababooth) selected our proposal. This was a rather exciting outcome as my entire group worked countless hours week in and week out to put out the best final product we could! *Cheers to Insignis on a job well done!*

2) I finished the semester with a 3.93 (3 A’s & 1 A-). That allowed me to finish my collegiate career with a 3.73 GPA overall. I found out shortly before Graduation that this was high enough to earn the distinction “Magna Cum Laude” of which I was very proud. I worked very hard over my time at Emerson and felt that at the end of the day leaving the institution with an honor like that really summed up the work I had put in over my 3 and half years.

3) This past Monday I walked across the Citi (Wang Theatre) stage and received my diploma for a BS in Marketing Communications. The ceremony was an unforgettable experience as Richard LaGravense (writer for Water for Elephants, PS I Love You & Freedom Writers) was a wonderful commencement speaker and really gave some great advice on being true to yourself. I especially enjoyed his admittance that after college he was so desperate to write scripts he took on a job as a phone sex writer to make ends meet!

4) Lastly I have been in the thick of hearing back from numerous Advertising agencies and companies regarding open positions. This started over a month before Graduation, but has really intensified over the past few weeks. I have narrowed down the list recently and actually received my first official offer this past week! I will update the blog when I have decided on where I’m going to be, but things are definitely going well and I can’t complain (especially in a job market that while better than years past, still isn’t great).

That’s all for now. I hope that this post provides a quick glimpse into my life over the past month or so and where things are currently going. I hope for all of you who recently graduated you are enjoying post-college life and are finding success in whatever you are currently trying to accomplish. I will be getting back to writing my thoughts on marketing and sports topics, but for now just know that while life has been crazy and sometimes stressful I’m doing my best to make you all proud!

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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