Summer’s Over…now let’s play some HOCKEY

While the August page of the calendar officially tumbled to the floor this morning and the laughter & excitement of the warm summer months all but a distant memory (deep right???) I decided to look for the positive today instead of focusing on summer coming to an end.

The biggest positive I could think of…the NHL season is right around the corner! Sharpen those skates, break out the smelling salts & get your dental insurance ready because the Blue & Gold are getting close to hitting the ice for the 11′-12′ season. While reading a blog post over at Sabre Noise I was intrigued by the idea of the player’s each having their own “resolution” for the new season. I decided to give my take on what each resolution should entail…please keep in mind while I love writing about “serious” sports matters this is an attempt at a lighthearted yet still informed POV on the upcoming season. Remember it’s ok to *smile*


Jhonas Enroth…To allow Ryan Miller to avoid exhaustion by giving him someone to trust to start and actually WIN some games…teaching ppl how to pronounce let alone spell my name correctly is a long shot, but hey, Pat LaFontaine turned out alright!

Jordan Leopold…To yet again post career highs in goals and points w/ the new & IMPROVED Sabres defense…also continue to allow me to think of the Sabres instead of the rom-com starring Hugh Jackman & Meg Ryan (yes I went there, but you were thinking it).

Mike Weber…To show I belong as a top-6 defender on this team and to allow myself to smile once in a while, especially after leading the team in hits again (158 last season) because what’s more fun than hitting people?

Cody McCormick…To continue to show why a McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant would be a clever investment downtown, even if it really wouldn’t be!

Derek Roy…To remain healthy & be that #1 center I know I can be. Also show that size doesn’t matter, I swear it doesn’t!!!

Christian Ehrhoff…To earn every cent of my new contract. Shooting & scoring may be a new concept for this team, but I’ll work it in.

Ales Kotalik…A Improve the quality of life in Rochester, because I won’t be in Buffalo long (if at all). :)

Marc-Andre Gragnani…To show management and coaches alike that SHAONE rhymes with GONE, not BALONEY.

Drew Stafford…To prove I can play at a high standard in a NON-CONTRACT year.

Brad Boyes…To do a great job on the wing, score goals on the wing & provide leadership on the wing…did I mention this all will happen ON THE WING???

Ville Leino…To succeed at being placed back at center, my natural position…and help Boyes remain on the damn wing. Also make-up for knocking my new team out of the playoffs last year. Still bitter *cough cough*

Robyn Regehr…To solidify last season’s shaky defense, and prove that while I may have a “girls name” I hit like a man’s man.

Thomas Vanek…To show that Derek Jeter is the second best Captain in NY (I said it).

Shaone Morrisonn…To say good things about the city that took a (failed) risk on me once I’m on a new team or retired.

Paul Gaustad…To keep fans wondering if the drunk idiot next to them is booing or saying “Goooooose”. Also to re-concuss Connolly every time we play the Leafs…won’t be hard, but just saying.

Jason Pominville…To finally realize that the object of shooting the puck isn’t to hit the opposing teams CROSSBAR!

Ryan Miller…To get back to Vezina winning form not because chicks dig the Vezina trophy, but because chicks dig the Stanley Cup trophy even more.

Patrick Kaleta…To learn that if I’m going to line a guy up from center ice that I need to connect more than 1 out of every 10 times…the boards and my muscles will appreciate it.

Zack Kassian…To ride the buses, keep my mouth shut and work hard to channel my unlimited potential…who am I kidding I’m Zack freaking Kassian!

Matt Ellis…To be the first player to be called up from Rochester, and to shut Zack’s mouth for him!

Nathan Gerbe…To further Roy’s point that size doesn’t matter. Also to work as an ESL teacher on the side for Ales Kotalik, teaching him the meaning of the words “heart” and “guts”.

Andrej Sekera…To, once again, try my best to avoid becoming the next Dmitri Kalinin (no one’s that bad right?)

Jochen Hecht…To show I’m not “jochen” around…what the “hecht”! (Sorry I had to).

Tyler Myers…To continue my rise towards Norris trophy consideration, all while dreaming about fighting Zdeno Chara…again.

Tyler Ennis…To avoid the dreaded “sophomore slump” & prove that two Tyler’s are always better than one (here’s looking at you Myers).

Luke Adam…To prove that hand-eye coordination is vastly important to success at the NHL level, even when you have two first names (Bad.Ass.)


Lindy Ruff…To end the city of Buffalo’s championship drought by hoisting Lord Stanley’s cup in mid-June. Thus resulting in pandemonium only seen through the movie “Bruce Almighty”.

Now that you had a good laugh or two (come on I had 26 chances, one had to be funny :/ ) it’s time to get pumped for some hockey. The pre-season path begins for the Sabres in just 18 days (Sept 18th 7pm vs the Carolina Hurricanes) at the NEW First Niagara Center. If you aren’t on the edge of your seat, you don’t have a soul…LET’S GO BUFFALO!


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