My 2012 Fantasy Football Team

It’s that time of year again boys & girls… FANTASY FOOTBALL!

Just finished up my draft & thought I’d post my current line-up… chances are it’ll change a thousand times as is the nature of the beast. Going for a 4-peat so let me know what you think.


QB: Tom Brady (absolutely killed me to take him 3rd overall, but I had to put my Bills allegiance aside to make the best pick for my team)

WR: Andre Johnson (coming off an injury plagued 2011, huge steal in the 4th round… expecting him to return to beast like status)

WR: Percy Harvin (going to be the Vikings main target this season & with Ponder getting better & better points in da’ bank)

WR: DeSean Jackson (another guy I’m counting on to have grown up a bit… has the skill set to be a top receiver in the league)

RB: Matt Forte (may have goal line carries reduced, but this guy is a proven Fantasy point scorer & has come through for me in the past… LOYALTY BABY)

RB: Steven Jackson (grabbed him in the 6th round… I know he had an off-year, but seriously?? STEAL ALERT)

TE: Vernon Davis (had Aaron Hernandez snatched the pick right before this, but thinking it may be a blessing in disguise… Davis figures to be an even bigger part of the 49ers offense this season)

K: Garrett Hartley (Superdome + Saints Offense = points, points, points)

DEF: Detroit (Young, talented group… Suh, Vanden Bosch & Avril getting after the QB)


QB: Josh Freeman

RB: BenJarvus Green-Ellis

WR: Torrey Smith

WR: Santonio Holmes

TE: Colby Fleener (don’t expect to have to use him since I have Davis, but with the Colts heavily utilizing the 2-TE set, I think he could be a steal for a lot of people needing TE help this year)

DEF: New York Jets (Grabbed them with my last pick, 3rd overall last pick in the draft… kind of shocked they weren’t off the board yet)


Smells like a Championship squad to me… Once again rolling with the name “Buffalo Champs”… Happy to share my thoughts on your team or answer any questions to the best of my football knowledge!


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